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Our infrastructure legal services list includes:

Energy law: Advice to public utility companies. Legal preparation and execution of regulatory measures (e-control, energy prices andtheir calculation,  green electricity). Entry of private enterprises into the energy sector. Comprehensive provision of "greenfield" investment units. Acquisition and reconstruction of existing energy facilities. Financing of energy projects.

Environment: Infrastructure delivery agreements. Environmental protection. Reprivatization. Construction/erection insurance. Assistance in fulfilling obligations during environmental protection. Pre-transaction inspections (due diligence) to assess environmental risks. Planning permission and building permit proceedings (environmental impact of planned structure, protecting water and forest growth). Advice on protection ofatmosphere. Consultancy on liability for damages to the environment and compensation for damages.

Waste law: Advice on legal regulation of waste disposal. Fulfilment of the waste originator's legal obligations. Retrieval and use of waste. Cross-border transportation of waste. Compiling internal guidelines concerning waste disposal. Representation before state sector and local governmental bodies.

Energy & Natural Resources: Electricity & Gas procurement and trading. Transmission, distribution and supply agreements of electricity and gas. Tariffs matters and licenses. Mergers, acquisitions, business transfers, insourcing, outsourcing and joint ventures in the energy sector. Concessions for gas and electricity distribution. Regulatory compliance. Relationship with Regulatory Authority.

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