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Our operations legal services list includes:

Shareholder status: (Two-way) trusts. Restructuring investors. Avoidance of crises of confidence and dead-locks. Dissolutionof complex shareholder structures.

Management and supervisory bodies: Chairing company bodies. Stabilization of management. Assumption of operative tasks. Complexity reduction. Crisis management. Communication.

Reporting: Achieving transparency. Control procedures. Monitoring reporting.

Finance: Securing finance. Organisation of security pooling arrangements. Monitoring the application of funds. Supervising covenants. Debt relief measures.

Restructuring: Implementing restructuring opinions. Safeguarding liquidity. Holding assets. Cost cutting. Legal advice on insolvency matters.

M&A | Exit: Determining exit strategy. Data room organisation and due diligence. Control and implementation of M&A transactions. Organisation of bidding procedures.

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