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Real estate deal: the seller counts on act legal firm AC Tischendorf

Six of the 12 Telekom-objects of the DT 12 portfolio have found new owners. 

The six office properties were sold to four different purchasers: An Austrian real estate AG purchased two office builings in Berlin and Düren rented to the Telekom. The private investor VGS bought a vacant property in Kiel together with Laren Consulting, a real estate service provider from Kiel. The developer P&P Group from Fürth ensured a vacant property in Nürnberg. The real estate investor Quartier 13 from Magdeburg purchased two properties in Magdeburg, one rented to Telekom, the other to the federal state Sachsen-Anhalt. 

The rentable area of the six sold office properties is about 92.000 m². CR Investment conducted the sale on behalf of the investor Summit Real Estate Holdings in cooperation with the credit servicer Hatfield Philips International. With them, the foundations were layed for a successful conclusion of the refinancing related to the six remaining Telekom properties of the DT 12 portfolio that Summit will be keeping.

Mandate's background: act legal firm AC Tischendorf works as a kind of outsourced legal department for Summit and has successfully carried out several real estate transactions for Summit in the past. Such as the purchase of an office property from Redevco in Mörfelden, Waldecker Straße 5-13, with about 17.000 m² rentable area.